Wim' presents its 2 Official Stores in the Hauts-de-France region!
(& no less than 200 partner shops throughout France here!)


It's with superb smile and unfailing good humor that Mathilde will welcome you to the Lille boutique.
Do not hesitate to ask her questions, ask her for information as well as decorating tips for your posters, Mathilde will be happy to help you!
From the top of its bell tower, like Quasimodo in Tarantino's famous James Bond bestseller, Simon, one of the 3 illustrators of Wim's creative team, creates the future posters that will take place in your interiors!

Where to come?

Les affiches Wim' / Sacrée Lilloise
17, rue de la Bourse
59000 Lille


"A warm welcome by colorful people": This is the promise that Wim's Atelier/Boutique makes to you!
This is where the company carries out all of its day-to-day activities. From the storage of products, to the reception & preparation of orders, the team is actively working on pro/personal customer satisfaction! This is where decisions are made and illustrations of your favorite cities are created!

The on-site team is made up of the iconic duo Alex & Julien who, among other things, take care of welcoming customers (They are also, and above all, on other very important fronts for the company: Social Networks, canvassing commercial, figures, CAC40, advertising satellites around the earth…!), Hugo, the badly-licked bear of the company as it seems (by the way, he is one of the Bosses, a salesman, a driver outstanding, a waffle eater…!) and upstairs in the creative department, Matthieu (Boss/Fonder/Illustrator/Salad eater…) and Pierre-Henri (ecologist activist & sports intermittent, creator of solutions with cardboard) who are in place on their chair to create the future cities, the com' and various achievements!

Where to come?

Les affiches Wim'
19C, rue Napoléon
62930 Wimereux